Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Introducing our new line-up...

I’d like to take a moment to welcome and introduce our new contributors here at the VACostCutting Blog. As I said in my first post, we want this blog to be a forum for discussion about ways that we can improve state government, and I am confident that these contributors will help to initiate those discussions and will be active participants as we analyze ideas and suggestions for how we can best accomplish our goals.

We have invited Norm Leahy, who’s blog, One Man’s Trash, has been a staple in the blog-world for some time now. Norm has consistently offered a solid understanding of state government and insightful commentary when he sees something that can be done better.

Also added is Geoff Segal from the Reason Foundation. Geoff has worked closely with the Cost Cutting Caucus for several sessions, providing us with ideas and research in the areas of competition and free market principles. He has worked with state and local governments across the country to help reform government at all levels, and we’re looking forward to his insight here.

We are also pleased to be joined by Americans for Prosperity-Virginia, as AFPVA. AFP is a proactive, good government group that started in Virginia this past summer. The Cost Cutting Caucus is very excited to be working with them in our efforts to make government less expensive while providing better services, and we appreciate their contributions here on our blog as well as their own blog through AFP.

Additionally, we are excited that Will Vehrs has also agreed to participate in our blog. Many folks may know Will already from his writings over at Bacon’s Rebellion and the Bacon’s Rebellion Blog. He has always been a vocal advocate of small and effective government, and he will be a strong voice for these issues.

A couple other participants have been invited to join, and I will introduce them as they join up. I look forward to the dialogue and appreciate the participation from all of these individuals and organizations.


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