Thursday, February 09, 2006


Sorry for the delay in posting on this blog, but we are getting very close to crossover and it seems that all of the time has been spent in either subcommittee or committee. The good news is that the universal sense in the House is that the application of the rules in subcommittee and committee have really moved the process along this year. We will probably not have to go into session on Saturday which is a major milestone in efficiency.

While we have been busy, you would not believe how many "little birdies" have been stopping by my office to whisper in my ear their bits of information on how we can reduce spending here in the Commonwealth. Many of these ideas have been quietly forwarded and hopefully will be addressed. Most of these will never be seen or felt but will make a difference.

Just by providing this forum in the Cost Cutting Caucus and this blog, we have stimulated real action. Thanks to all who comment on this blog, email me or stop by my office. Keep it coming!


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