Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Never Satisfied

In today’s Richmond Times Dispatch, A. Barton Hinkle looks at the continuing debate over transportation funding in the Commonwealth.

He notes that there are those who are continuing to demand more revenue despite the fact that:

(1)THERE IS NO threat to the state's bond rating.

(2)The state enjoys a honking big surplus.

(3)The $61.3-billion budget that included Warner's tax hikes increased spending 19 percent.

(4)The current budget, at least $75.3 billion, will increase spending by another 22.8 percent.

(5)Transportation has claimed 12 cents of every new state dollar in the past decade.

(6)Also in the past decade, public-school enrollment rose 10 percent while inflation-adjusted direct state aid to education rose 42 percent.

(7)House Republicans, again, have agreed to raise another $500 million for transportation.

Isn’t it time to say “enough is enough?” There has to be a better way.



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