Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now get back to work!

Return To Work Operational Review Team


Examine disability management practices across the Commonwealth
Understand the impact of time lost because of disabilities
Recommend best practice strategies to safely retain employees on the job and safely return employees with disabilities to work

Legislative Co-Chairs:

The Honorable Jay O’Brien, Senate of Virginia
The Honorable Rosalyn Dance, House of Delegates

Private Sector :


Team Objectives:

Identify current return to work management practices.
Identify agency and industry best practices for reducing the impact of lost time on productivity.
Benchmark current practices to best practices.
Recommend appropriate best practice strategies, resources to implement strategies and appropriate performance metrics to measure progress.

Interim Team Recommendations:

Need for:

Program training for all levels of state agency management and all covered employees.
Communications and Systems Integration.
Enhanced medical community understanding of their role in successfully returning employees to work.
Agency accountability for managing lost time.


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