Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Virginia Best for Business

In case you missed it last month, Forbes rated Virginia as having the #1 overall business environment of any state in America. Despite this distinction, there remains room for improvement if the Commonwealth is to keep this designation.

Ranking is based on six categories:
  • Cost of doing business, Virginia ranked 17th (10th in 2006)
  • Labor pool, Virginia ranked 5th (4th in 2006)
  • Regulatory environment, Virginia ranked 1st (1st in 2006)
  • Economic climate, Virginia ranked 11th (8th in 2006)
  • Growth prospects, Virginia ranked 8th (10th in 2006)
  • Quality of life, Virginia ranked 6th (5th in 2006)

The complete rankings and the story are available here.

The 2006 rankings are available here. Virginia also ranked #1 in 2006.


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