Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Haven't we said this before?

School choice saves money!

So many times it seems like the only solution politicians have for "fixing" education is to pour more money into a broken system. But time and time again we have seen that more money doesn't seem to be making things any better.

And as we have discussed before here at the VA Cost Cutting Blog, school choice can save money and improve education at the same time.

Our friends over at School Choice Virginia have a new post on their blog today looking at the issue of school funding and the tired argument that choice would "take money away from public schools."

They reference a new article from the Heartland Institute that looks into the actual numbers, and shows that:

The data prove the superiority of school choice. With vouchers, the government can completely fund poor students in failing districts to attend successful public or private alternatives, and could save on average up to 30 percent of their currently reported education costs, and probably a lot more since those costs are undoubtedly being routinely underestimated, as Coulson notes.

These millions of saved dollars could be used to increase the overall per-pupil funding in the remaining public schools -- which is exactly what the anti-voucher advocates are calling for.

Save money? Improve education? Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone- especially for our students.


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