Thursday, July 02, 2009

"Improving Virginia’s Transportation without Raising Taxes: It Can Be Done"

Transportation. An on-going issue in Virginia.

In the latest Bacon's Rebellion, John Palatiello takes a look and makes suggestions for addressing Virginia's transportation needs without raising taxes.

We think that is something that's worth a look!

During the last decade, state government spending in Virginia has grown by about 70 percent, while incomes have increased by only five percent. The rate of growth in the Commonwealth’s government exceeds the growth in population and the
cost of living over the same period.

Why then, does Virginia still have a transportation problem?

The answer is clear. Transportation is not a high priority for many of Virginia’s political leaders. This will certainly be an issue in this year’s elections.

In its editorial endorsing State Senator Creigh Deeds for the Democrat Party’s nomination for Governor, the Washington Post said “Mr. Deeds has made clear that he would make transportation his first priority.” Curiously, however, a look at the candidate’s campaign website fails to reveal a plan, position or even make mention of transportation. The Post editorial cites Deeds’ past support for a gas tax increase and the unconstitutional Kaine transportation plan, and Deeds himself touts his role in passing the Mark Warner tax increase in 2004 (none of which went to transportation).

This begs the question: can Virginia tackle its transportation needs without raising taxes?

The answer is a resounding yes. Here are three ways.

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