Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More on the Transportation Plans

In light of the recent Rasmussen poll that shows 58% of Virginians do not support raising taxes for transportation needs, it is essential that legislative leaders continue to think outside the box and push for real reforms that will address needs at a lower cost.

Chad had this post up yesterday over at Commonwealth Conservative about the House Transportation package.

Highlights, including some of the ideas that have been discussed on this blog, include:
  • Support better transportation asset management and protection of higher costs for highway maintenance.
  • Strengthening Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund to help jump-start PPTA projects.

Delegate Callahan states:

"...we have developed a plan that provides immediate and long-term answers to the challenges facing our transportation system."

This should be our focus in developing a transportation plan: not only implementing plans for immediate relief, but giving serious thought to the long-term needs and making sure we are addressing those needs in a responsible and cost-effective manner.



  • Where is the surprise in the idea that 58% of people don't want to pay for what we need? the solution to transportation problems we have deferred for decades is going to cost money. Thinking outside the box maight save some of it, and it might turn into a major fiasco.

    We can't even fund the immediate relief, let alone the long term plans.

    By Blogger Ray Hyde, at 2/18/2006 9:59 PM  

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