Tuesday, March 21, 2006


“Imagine an alternate universe where Virginia politicians expended as much energy devising ways to encourage entrepreneurial, free-market solutions to transportation problems as they did to raising your taxes.”

In this week’s edition of Bacon’s Rebellion, Jim Bacon challenges leaders to truly think outside the pavement when it comes to addressing Virginia’s transportation needs. In "Liberate Mass Transit," his focus is on mass transit solutions for congestion, but not in the way we have grown accustomed to thinking about mass transit.

Rather than the same old approaches of very constrained mass transit systems, Jim discusses how we might break the monopoly and create a free market system that allows consumers to direct the market. Through this kind of flexibility, we could see a wide range of alternative transportation options develop to meet consumers’ needs.

And this would truly be an important step in finding a better way to addressing Virginia’s congestion needs.


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