Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A closer look....

Seems I wasn't the only one to be intrigued by the Governor's comments regarding his support of universal pre-school.

Barton Hinkle at the Richmond Times Dispatch takes a closer look at the issue.



  • Though the Governor's pre-K plan bears some resemblence to school vouchers, a key difference is that voucher proponents often eschew applying universal standards (beyond civil rights protections) to private schools accepting vouchers.

    A key feature - and probably a barrier to participation by some private providers - is "the establishment of standards for preschool teachers and instruction." (from the Gov's website). Basically, private providers will have another layer of regulation that they will face, which, given existing licensing requirements, some may turn away from such a program. Training - and then paying - early childhood educators is an expensive proposition.

    Back to the point, most K-12 voucher advocates are not pushing for raising the standards for private school teachers (SOLs, credentialing, etc), and along with that, raising the pay of private schools teachers, which on average are significantly less than public school teachers who face universal standards. They simply want to apply tax dollars to the costs of education for students whose families choose to send them to private institutions.

    In the end, this pre-K plan is long-term, if it happens at all. It's about establishing a Kaine legacy in the early childhood arena - a heavy lift for a one-term governor.

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