Friday, February 16, 2007

"More performance for the same dollars"

As Virginia’s transportation debates wage on, we did come across this little bit of positive news in today’s Richmond Times Dispatch.

It turns out the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB ) approved an additional 562 miles of Virginia highways to be privately maintained—bringing the total up to 58% of our interstate highways under private maintenance contracts.

“We’ll get more performance from the same dollars,” state Transportation Commissioner David S. Ekern said. “We think it’s a great deal.”

Exactly what we’ve been saying all along—and in fact legislation passed last year will require complete outsourcing of interstate maintenance by 2009. These contracts will be performance based—providing greater accountability of the use of our tax dollars—and at the same times allows local officials the resources to focus on local roads instead of interstate highways.

A good move for VDOT, and a smart move with our tax dollars.


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