Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For Immediate Release

Saxman, Leighty to Address ALEC

Staunton – Delegate Chris Saxman and former chief of staff William H."Bill" Leighty will address the American Legislative Exchange Council on December 8 in Washington, DC. Saxman and Leighty will discuss thebipartisan work of the General Assembly's Cost Cutting Caucus andOperational Review teams; these efforts are designed to promote government efficiency, cost effectiveness, transparency, and competitiveness.

Bill Leighty, former Chief of Staff to Governors Warner and Kaine, wasnamed one of the top "Public Officials" of the year by GoverningMagazine in 2007. Having been appointed to a wide variety of posts byboth Republicans and Democrats over 29 years, Leighty completed hispublic service in September 2007.

The General Assembly's Cost Cutting Caucus works on a bipartisan basisto find cost savings in state government, and generally make government more efficient, transparent, accountable and competitive. The Caucus has introduced numerous legislative initiatives over the past few years, notably the Competitive Government Act and the BudgetReform and State Inspector General Act.

Operational Review Teams are a cooperative endeavor based on the workof the Cost Cutting Caucus and Executive Branch efforts to establishperformance based management procedures. Efforts were undertaken inFebruary 2006 under the leadership of Delegate Chris Saxman, Chairmanof the Cost Cutting Caucus, Senate Majority Leader Walter Stosch,Governor Tim Kaine, and then Kaine Chief of Staff Bill Leighty. Moreinformation on the Cost Cutting Caucus and Operational Review Teams can be found at .

The American Legislative Exchange Council's mission is to advance the Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty, through a non-partisan, public-private partnership between America ’s state legislators and concerned members of the private sector, the federal government and the general public. More information is available at .


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