Monday, April 02, 2007

Here we go!

Tomorrow at 4pm in the Speaker's Conference Room the Cost Cutting Caucus will meet with the Operational Review Teams that we assembled working with the Governor's Chief of Staff Bill Leighty.

This is going to a very exciting meeting for those of you who are interested in saving taxpayer money.

The team leaders will be posting on this blog after these reports so PLEASE feel free to offer ANY suggestions that your think will help your government produce better results for you.

As an example, about ten days a go I met with Tim Bass (Senior Adviser to Gov) and June Kimbriel (DOC) and we talked about travel expenses for state government. In FY 2003 the total expenditure for travel was $138,772,138. Okay.

FY2006 it was $184,984,679. Personally, it think an additional $46,212,541 PER YEAR is worth asking some questions. And we have begun that discussion.

Remember, this Operational Review Team structure is looking at the horizontal spending of state government not trying to smash silos of certain departments and agencies.

Horizontal means all the areas of spending that are shared by EVERY department -energy, mail, communications, real estate, water usage, printing etc...

For the last five fiscal (not PHYSICAL) years we are looking at over $11 billion dollars of expenditures.

The goal again is to MANAGE our operations to produce more and hopefully better with less.


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