Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A sad day in Virginia

It is with great sadness that we read the latest edition of Bacon's Rebellion only to learn that the publisher, Jim Bacon, has announced that this will be his final edition of the e-zine.

For anyone not familiar with Bacon's Rebellion (and we're sure most of the readers of this blog are quite familiar as we have referenced their articles on countless occassions), you have been missing out on the best publication in Virginia dedicated to government and reform. Over the years, Jim has solicited articles from some of the best minds in policy and politics, and they have shared many insightful looks into what Virginia does well, and what we can do better.

As Jim explains:

Our writers explored how Virginians should respond to the challenges of globalization, the Knowledge Economy and the depletion of our natural capital. We railed against complacency and challenged the status quo. We advocated the wholesale transformation of outmoded institutions that no longer work well -- from education to economic development, from transportation to land use, from energy to the environment.

And they have done it so well for so long. They have stimulated debate, and hopefully changed the way that at least some in government look at the way we do business.

The good news is that Jim assures us this will not be the end of Bacon's Rebellion as a publication, but his presence will certainly be missed. We hope that Jim will not completely leave the discussion he has started with Bacon's Rebellion. As we all know, it is an on-going discussion on how we can make our great Commonwealth an even greater place to live, work, run a business and raise a family, and we know that Jim still has plenty left to say on how we can all work to accomplish these goals.


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