Monday, July 13, 2009

Congressman Cantor: "Health Care Shakeup Will Make Things Worse"

Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor had a guest commentary run in this weekend's Richmond Times Dispatch, titled "Health Care Shakeup Will Make Things Worse," and it is definitely worth a read.

Mr. Cantor makes many good points about the different health care reform plans that have been proposed. And he concludes:

Health care reform is too complex and important to the American people to be rushed through Congress. We must be thoughtful, deliberate, and act in a bipartisan fashion so that we get this right once and for all. But turning to government instead of empowering doctors and patients is not the way to accomplish our goals.

And he is absolutely right. Health care reform is important but it is also very complex, and rushing through a plan that hasn't been well-thought out and one where the consequences have not been fully examined is dangerous and not good policy. And Americans deserve better.

Read the full article from the Times Dispatch here.

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