Thursday, April 05, 2007

ORT Meeting

The Operational Review Teams presented their progress reports on Tuesday.

Clearly the participants are interested in improving the performance of state government while saving current money and avoiding future costs.

Over the next several weeks(months) we will be having posts on this blog so that the public can dialogue with the ORTs. From that we will gain input on what others are seeing and doing in both the private and public sectors so that the best methods, practices, policies and goals are presented.

As always, we look forward to a constructive discussion of this effort.

To remind those of you who have been following this - we are not here to show what is wrong within state government. That is not the goal. We are here to create a more cost effective, in the long term, state government.

We will find (in fact already have) some fantastic opportunities to save the Commonwealth money.

At the meeting on Tuesday, there were some real jaw dropping moments but those were only possible because we presented the ORTs as a way to improve our products and services rather than accuse hard working, well intentioned employees of not "doing it right".

In both the private and public sector, there are functional problems. Departments and employees in the largest companies and small government offices are not perfect. We need to strive for constructive and constant improvement and that cannot occur in any organization without first embracing the power of positive and creative change.


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